8 Travel Essentials for Every Coffee Lover

Coffee lovers like us should always travel in style and with enough cold brew to fuel our next adventure! Check out our ultimate coffee-lover packing list.

Coffee lovers like us should always travel in style and with enough cold brew to fuel our next adventure! Check out our ultimate coffee-lover packing list:

1. Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Pods and Kit

Between all the planes, trains and automobiles, finding a bottle of cold brew can be challenging! With our Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Pods and Kit, the brewing process is in your hands with our carefully pre-measured pods and branded mason jar. Buy your very own kit here and grab your personalized cup of brew before your next adventure!

2. Campfire mug for mixing cold brew

Whether around a fire on a cool summer night or mixing a cup of fuel before your next leg of the trip, this Chameleon Campfire Mug is your reliable companion for all your cold-brew and easy mug-made treats. Toss it into your carry-on or checked bag with an ease of mind.

8 Travel Essentials for Every Coffee Lover with Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Pods and Kit

3. RX Bar for extra fuel

Never again find yourself regretfully hungry with an empty stomach and snack bag on a long bus ride. These RX bars provide a healthy treat without the smoke and mirrors. With no added sugar, dairy, soy or gluten, your tummy will stay happy and satisfied for the rest of your trip.

4. Good pair of headphones to listen to your fav playlist

The soundtrack of your travels never has to end when you always carry a pair of trustworthy headphones. Fall asleep on the plane to your favorite artist or roam the streets of your new city listening to the latest podcast.

5. Hand Grinder for Chameleon Whole Bean Brewing

Don’t settle for burnt hotel coffee — bring a simple hand grinder and some scoops of our new Whole Beans for the perfect hot cup of jo! For the ideal hand grinder that won’t break the bank or your travel budget, try the Hario Coffee Grinder!

6. Coffee mints to keep things fresh

Gone is the sacrifice of fresh breath for the fuel of cold brew coffee! Toss in a tin of your favorite After Coffee mints to dodge bad breath when meeting a new tour guide or homestay host. Keep yourself caffeinated AND fresh.

7. Travel Gin & Tonic Cocktail Kit

No need to wait for the nearest bar for your next boozy refreshment! This adorably compact cocktail kit is all you need to mix up our own Chameleon Cold-Brew Gin & Tonic drink. Show off your bartending skills for your new travel buddies and cheers to an adventurous vacation!

8. Wildsam Field Guide for the best city secrets

Want to explore a foreign city without encountering the overrated tourist spots? Look no further than the knowledgeable travelers from Wildsam Field Guides. Pick up a travel guide before your next trip and prepare for a whirlwind experience with the best joints and local favorites.

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