NEW Cold Brew Coffees and Oat Milk Latte Cans

Introducing NEW Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffees and Oat Milk Latte Cans at Whole Foods Market for the perfect on-the-go fuel.

Staying caffeinated on-the-go just got a whole lot easier with organic, super smooth cold brew coffees and oat milk lattes from Chameleon Cold-Brew. For a bolder brew, try our two black Cold Brew Coffees, or mix things up with our first ever on-the-go Oat Milk Lattes. Find the perfect brew near you at your local Whole Foods Market, or check out our map and start fueling!

Our cold brew coffee cans feature Chameleon’s classic Black cold brew that’s bold and ready to enjoy, and Churro, a subtly sweet cold brew with flavors of vanilla, cinnamon and almond. We’ve crafted each can of cold brew for a super smooth taste so you will always want to drink it straight! 

Take all the guess work out of making a cold brew latte with our perfectly blended Oat Milk Lattes in Dark Chocolate and Maple. Both lattes are dairy free, gluten free and subtly sweet so the delicious coffee flavor shines through. In our opinion, there’s no better dairy free companion to organic cold brew than oat milk, with its creamy texture, delicious taste, and excellent blendability. Learn more about why oat milk is the most compatible plant-based milk with cold brew coffee on our blog.

Whether you like your cold brew bold and black, or prefer a balanced and satisfying latte, you can count on Chameleon to use only the best organic, specialty grade and sustainably sourced beans. Each Chameleon Cold-Brew can, bottle and bag not only keeps you fueled throughout the day, but also helps us continue investing and providing opportunities for farming communities around the world. Stay updated on our sustainability projects and learn more about our commitment to the planet and its people on our website.

Find your new favorite flavor at a Whole Foods near you, and tell us your thoughts by tagging @ChameleonColdBrew on Instagram.

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