New Year New You: Fuel Your Fitness

Set fitness New Year’s resolutions with Austin influencer Patrick Lyons and let cold brew coffee fuel your workout habits.

With a Chameleon Cold-Brew in hand, we met up with local Austin Fitness Coach and YouTuber Patrick Lyons to talk about the latest workout trends to help fuel your inspiration for your new or growing 201 fitness goals! These workout techniques each have benefits for athletes of all abilities and fitness interests. So grab a Ready to Enjoy bottle, pack your gym bag, and try out one or more of these workout crazes!

New Year New You: Fuel Your Fitness with Chameleon Cold-Brew
Check out our curated list of work-outs worthy of a Chameleon Cold-Brew Ready to Enjoy Black Coffee.

1. Cycling

Popular Location in Austin: SoulCycle

Some benefits of cycling include that interval training is embedded into the program as in you don’t even have to think about it and you are doing high intensity interval training.

Cycling is good for the type of person who likes to have someone up at the front of the room pumping you up with great music synced to the workout.”

If you try a class at the Domain location or Downtown location in Austin, TX, you can try our Cold Brew Coffee on tap! 

2. Bouldering

Popular Location in Austin: Austin Bouldering Project

Benefits [of Bouldering] include that it’s a total body workout with a focus on building upper body strength without feeling the monotony of lifting weights. Bouldering is good for someone who likes problem solving, who likes having specific achievable goals that they are working towards with each workout.”

3. Crossfit

Popular Location in Austin: Crossfit Austin

Benefits include that it is not isolated to just one form of exercise. You could be running, jumping, lifting, throwing objects, and building dynamic strength across your body.

Crossfit is good for the type of person who likes a team dynamic in their workouts, someone who wants their friends to motivate each other, and someone who really wants to get one of the most intense workouts you can possibly get.”

4. Yoga

Popular Location in Austin: Black Swan Yoga

Some of the benefits of yoga include increased balance, flexibility, and a calming relaxation to the mind while still challenging you and building strength at the same time.

Yoga is good for the kind of person who wants to incorporate meditation into their workouts, someone who wants modifications or intensifications based on the day and someone who wants to workout out in a group but be very in tune with themselves as a form of self reflection.”

5. Group Fitness Exercise

Popular Location in Austin: Orange Theory

Some benefits of group fitness exercise include the high intensity circuit training aspect, your choice of doing higher intensity or lower intensity depending on your needs and ability, and your variety of cardio, core and toning all in one workout.

Group Fitness instruction is great for someone who wants a group environment and someone who really needs a motivator or someone instructing you at the front of the room. It’s great for someone who doesn’t like doing the same thing over and over again.”

6. Pilates

Popular Location in Austin: Pure Pilates

Some benefits of Pilates include the low-impact aspect as well as strength training and cardio intervals and stretching. It sometimes involves a higher intensity with the use of machines, resistance and counter-resistance.

Overall, Pilates is good for someone who wants a lower impact workout without sacrificing intensity.”

How does Chameleon Cold-Brew fuel your fitness habits? Tag @chameleoncoldbrew or comment below with your favorite workout trends! 

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