The News On Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro — short for nitrogen cold brew — refers to the process of infusing cold brew coffee with nitrogen gas to produce a fuller, frothier and fizzier cup.

As the calendar flips into the first weeks of April, warm weather, blue skies and sunset-filled evenings allow cold coffee to act as the perfect refresher for any time of day. The Chameleon Crew has been hard at work, preparing a new twist on your favorite ready to enjoy flavors and cold brew concentrates. The result? Nitro.

Nitro — short for nitrogen cold brew — refers to the process of infusing cold brew coffee with nitrogen gas to produce a fuller, frothier and fizzier cup. Still a little confused? Just keep reading (we promise, you’ll love it.)

How Nitro Works

After Chameleon’s low & slow steeping process with Arabica, organic coffee beans, our brew is then stored in a keg and attached to a nitrogen tank. Once hooked up to a tap, a high-pressure force (caused from pulling the tap’s lever) results in a creamy, smooth and almost Guinness-like glass.

What Nitro Cold Brew Tastes Like

Since nitrogen adds a cream-like texture to cold brew, the result is richer than a normal cup of coffee. With a sweeter taste and thicker mouthfeel, most ditch extra milk and sugar and instead choose to drink nitro cold brew straight. However, like all of our Chameleon coffees, we take pride in this drink being versatile: drink it in a glass directly from the tap, top it over a Stout beer or add a splash of your favorite dairy drink to satisfy any and all cravings. Its silky finish allows for Chameleon Nitro Cold-Brew to be best enjoyed as a sipping drink” instead of a guzzler.

Why It’s Good

Instead of a deep-brown cold coffee, nitro cold brew cascades as it pours out, separating into a layers of darker and lighter brew with a thick, foamy top. Nitro cold brew maintains a low acid, zero calorie and super smooth flavor while creating an almost latte-like mouth feel.

The News on Nitro Cold Brew with Chameleon Cold-Brew Ready to Enjoy Coffee, Concentrate and Nitro Cold-Brew
An ombré-style shading from light brown to dark brown naturally occurs in Chameleon Cold-Brew Nitro Cold-Brew.

How to Get It

Email info@​chameleoncoldbrew.​com for inquiries about a Chameleon Cold-Brew Nitro Tap. Our ready to enjoy brews produce 80 servings (an 8 oz. pour), while our concentrates create 160 servings (4 oz. pours.)

Bottoms up!

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