Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Chia Pudding

Shake up your morning overnight oats with our overnight chia pudding made with Chameleon Cold-Brew Black Ready to Enjoy Coffee, chia seeds, milk and honey.


  • 34 cup Chameleon Cold-Brew Ready to Enjoy Black Coffee
  • 34 cup milk (or dairy substitute)
  • 2TBSP honey
  • 8TBSP chia seeds
  • 12 tsp vanilla bean powder
  • whipped cream
  • Optional: grated chocolate/​ground cinnamon


  1. Add ingredients to a mason jar.
  2. Secure lid, and shake to mix ingredients together.
  3. Let chill for 4 hours (or overnight).
  4. Serve with whipped cream, and top with grated chocolate and/​or ground cinnamon.

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